Leaves Me Smiling Every Time

I want to tell someone at SITEX how incredibly wonderful Harriet in Customer Care is. Today is “bill paying” day for me at Audubon Park. I have a stack of about 30 bills from vendors that I will pay. I hate this day. I hate calling one-by-one and enduring being transferred, reading account numbers, card numbers, reading back balances, requesting receipts, and on and on. But, then I get to the SITEX bill and SMILE! It’s Harriet time!

Paying our SITEX bill is ridiculously easy and Harriet makes it a pleasurable experience. I call, press 1, say “Hi” to Harriet and tell her to run my card for our balance. She says “I’ll get it done!” and tells me to have a wonderful week – That’s it. It’s literally a two-minute process and it leaves me smiling. Every time. So please tell Harriet she is WONDERFUL.

– John James Audubon State Park