More Than a Representative, Also a Friend

Progress Port is a training center for adults who are mentally and physically handicapped. We have been using the services of SITEX for several years now and are most happy.

Our happiness with the service comes in most part because of our current representative, Edwin. I cannot say enough great things about Edwin and the positive image that he projects. He is more than just a representative to these individuals that we serve, he is also their friend. He interacts well with them, takes the time to acknowledge them and treats them like he would want to be treated.

Edwin also knows exactly where we keep our products and how much we need. I don’t have to worry about catching him when he comes because I know he will make sure we have what we need and if for some reason he doesn’t, he will let me know and is very apologetic about it. He has even offered to return to Paducah to make things right for us.

SITEX products are of high quality. We have not had any problems with any of our products that we use. I would recommend the services of SITEX.

– Progress Port, Inc.