about asn

Since 2004, our customers have turned to us to enhance their market-brand recognition. Our staff in partnership with some of the largest manufacturers of apparel in the world have designed, developed, and brought forth to the market some of the most recognized customer apparel in the world.

Combined Network Serves Nearly 90,000 Businesses Across the United States.

Our commitment to a managed uniform program

  • National account coverage with localized attention and nationalized reporting systems
  • Centralized billing capabilities
  • Personalized customer communications
  • Advanced inventory control
  • Just in time repair system
  • State of the art laundry processing facilities
  • National cleanroom laundry programs
  • Service guarantee
  • Transition management team
  • National accounts management team
  • ASN affiliate member companies to enhance coverage area

Founding member Company

Prudential Overall Supply
  • Family owned since 1932
  • Founded by John D. Clark in Los Angeles, CA
  • Growth guided by son, Dan Clark