Prudential at 89: Growing Stronger in a ‘Challenging Year’


Prudential Overall Supply, Irvine, CA, recently marked its 89th anniversary. The family-owned and operated independent has made remarkable progress since its founding in 1932 by John D. Clark as a one-man operation. Today, Prudential is a nationally branded industrial operator that serves some 28,000 customers from coast to coast.

John Clark speaks at a TRSA Next-Generation Executives meeting.
John Clark speaks at a TRSA Next-Generation Executives meeting.

Last year, Clark’s grandson, also named John Clark, succeeded his father, Dan Clark, as CEO. Dan continues to serve as company chairman. The younger Clark says he’s grateful to many associates in the industry that helped Prudential achieve growth in the past year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Prudential Overall Supply is proud to be able to celebrate our 89th anniversary this year,” John Clark said. “One of our main objectives each year is to close the year stronger as a company, so we can better support our customers. Through much effort from our employees and suppliers, we believe we were able to achieve this in a challenging year. This is a testament to the strength and flexibility of our organization.” Clark added that, “We thank every supplier for their dependability, every customer for the trust they instill in Prudential, and we are ever grateful to each employee for their hard work and effort, so that we can best serve our customers.”

In a Textile Services magazine interview last year after he became CEO, Clark said he planned to continue the company’s successful growth strategy, including promoting staff from within. Examples include Chris Welch, a 25-year nonfamily manager whom Clark tapped to serve as president. Welch succeeded Tom Watts, another nonfamily executive who served 20 years as president. “A lot of Prudential’s top management works through the ranks in the organization,” Clark said, noting his own journey up the ladder, which included significant experience outside the company. With Prudential, Clark completed a 10-year executive-training process, beginning in sales/service. He later advanced to plant and regional management posts, general manager, regional director and more before his appointment as CEO. Click here to read the full article, which features comments from both Clark and Welch.

Release date: 04/16/2021

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