Prudential Overall Supply

Superior Service

Hi Stacey – just a shout out to Paul Armijo and his service to us here at Fleet Services – Sandia National Laboratories.

In this current day and age where we witness things great and small, things good and downright terrible, I wanted to pass along a story concerning your employee Paul Armijo.

First of all, he continually gives us superior service, and for that we ARE grateful; we can be a lot to handle!

Secondly, and more specifically, he came to me today with a Leatherman tool in hand (as you know these are not cheap tools – our guys pay $65+ for these), and turned it in to me stating that it was found in Ben White’s jeans. I was then able to return it to Ben and of course asked him to be more careful with his pocket tools.

I wanted you, his other management members (please pass this along), and our Roxane Mares to know what an outstanding employee you guys have in Paul and how much we appreciate his great service and exhibited work ethic.

Kudos to Paul!!!

Thanks, Pam

– Pam Trombetti, Sandia National Laboratories